Use Left Equation on Lineitem with Quarter Format

Hi, I am trying to take the first 2 characters from the "Quarter Code" lineitem so that I can identify the correct quarter for my week Time dimension. I tried using Left equation but it's not allowing me (tried using TEXT() on the quarter code but returned an error). Does anyone know a way that I can retrieve the first 2 characters in this scenario?




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  • jasonblinn
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    You have quarter Staged in your Quarter Code Line item, So you could either Use the formula Name(Quarter Code) or alternatively, NAME(PARENT(PARENT(ITEM(Time)))) would also get the job done.




  • You need to convert the time period to a text by using the NAME() function.


    Formatted as Text formula will be NAME(ITEM(TIME)) 

    Then you can calculate the Left portion.



  • Hi Jason,
    Thanks for your help. My module is setup at the weekly level so if I apply the equation Name(Item(Time)), then it will show the date in text for each week, not quarter.


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  • Thanks Jason! I applied parent formula and it worked wonders!