Level 1 Lesson 10


Can anyone help please. I'm not sure if this is a deliberate step aimed to create a problem for investigating further in to the course, but I've become stuck on 10.2.2 Activity: Import Data into Non Employee Expenses Module. The line items in activity 10.2.1 and the available data in the csv download don't seem to match up. The module has line items, Shipping Costs, Rent, UTILITIES, Shared Costs, whilst the csv download has Shipping Costs, Rent, RATES, Shared Costs. I know I can import and match the wrong line items together but it is a bit confusing and I am not sure which bit is (if any of it) wrong. Any advice gratefully received.






  • Hi @Scorina ,


    I think that .csv file has different name on purpose, to check if user notices that one item is not automatically mapped and it need to be mapped manually. 


    Rates should be mapped to Utilities





  • That would make sense except they are very different things and utilites and rates are not the same - hence my confusion.


  • At least that was my assumption when I did the exercise; I assumed that in this exercise "source system" just has different naming for it which user needs to notice. And without manual mapping Utilities won't be populated at all. 

    In real life you can check it from data experts.