Level 1: Lesson 11


Are the formulas deliberately wrong in lesson 11.3.4. If they are I don't think it is a helpful way to learn as it is too easy to get confused and then loose the actual purpose of the learning exercises - it would be better to just say now create a formula to bring in the same data for the different line item. If it is not deliberate could they be corrected for other learners (Cost of Sales, Bonus and Car Costs are the ones I've found so far) in the future.




  • Hi @Scorina,

    I did not recall having issues like you mentioned while working on my Level 1 last year. However, indeed there are small errors, it looks like a typo! Probably happened with the release of new version of the course.

    Not sure if @ChrisMullen has time to check it here, so also best if you can inform Academy about it academy@anaplan.com

    For sure it will help other people in the future! 

  • Hello @Scorina 


    Thank you for raising such an issue. Could you please elaborate further on what you mean the formulas are “wrong”?

    maybe show an example?


    • It would be helpful to the academy team to know where the issue is and address it. 
    • In case the formula are not necessarily wrong, then We can explain any mixup or clear any misunderstanding. 

    Yes, there might be a typo here and there or sentence that could have been written clearer in the trainings in general,  but I have not come across something that I would classify as. “Flat out wrong”.


    In any case, thank you for raising the issue, it would be a helpful discussion either way. 

    Finally, please add any comments or issues you faced during the trainings or the exam to the feedback form at the end of the training.  The feedback is helpful for the team  to address The issues. 

  • Thanks @einas.ibrahim I've attached a screen shot of the formulas in 11.3.4 that I've spotted seem to be wrong. Hope it makes sense. I've also attached the problem I encountered in lesson 10 where the data and the line items don't match (and a manual mapping doesn't really make sense as Rates and Utilities are two very different things - though that is what I've done in order to keep progressing).

  • Hello @Scorina 

    You are right regarding the formulas provided for the various cost line items. I wouldn't classify them as wrong as much as being a typo or an unintended mistake. They need to be corrected though.

    @ChrisMullen could you please deal with this or should Scorina send an email directly to Academy@anaplan.com ?


    Regarding your second issue with the naming of the Line Items, I don't know if it is done intentionally or is an oversight. Either way, it is a good reflection of what you will see in actual customer implementation and is a good way to expose you to the issue and allow you to practice handling such issues.
    You will not always get data using the same naming as your line items.