Facing trouble in importing .csv to Anaplan without Time Dimension in the Source file


Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing great!

My name is Bhumika, I am learning Anaplan. with the help of Anaplan Community.

I am facing a trouble, as I am trying to Import the .csv Data File to one of my Modules. I have downloaded .CSV file from the Lessons only, but that .CSV file doesnt contain Time Dimension. How to Map the Source File with the Target File.


Somehow I tried and mapped the File, Process Ran Successful also, but when I closed the Mapping Tab, there was no any data in the Grid view. I didint understand what to do. Yes I saw all the imported data in the respective columns and Rows BUT in the dropdown Option.

Hope you guys understood my query.

Kindly help me What did I do, and how to Import data with no Time Dimension.


Thanking n Regrads


  • Hey @Bhumi 


    Welcome to Anaplan.


    In order for community to help you better it would be great if you can post snapshots of your file, Anaplan module and the mapping window. You can copy paste your snapshots if you have a snipping tool on your machine


    File -  .csv source File

    Module - Anaplan Module where you are loading the data

    Mapping Window: When you import the file action gets created in the system. Either you can edit it and take a snapshot or you can initiate a new action.

  • @Bhumi 

    Great that you're learning Anaplan! @Misbah  is correct, we can, and will, get you a quick solution if we can see what you see.

    On the outside chance you're importing into a module WITH time included but have a CSV that does not have time, here's what you do:

    When you create the module, drag the "TIME" dimension off the pivot.


    If you've already created the module, the go into blueprint and change the time range to "not applicable" for the module and all the line items.