Question for Level 1 Activity 4.8.2: Import Data into E2 Employees# List


Hello there, 


I have one question regarding the activity 4.8.2 in level 1 where I imported the data successfully but employees of departments all shows up like numbers (please refer to why number.PNG).


As you can see from the screenshots enclosed, the mapping was correctly done before importing (refer to Import set up.PNG) and Display name was also set up(refer to E2 Employee display name.PNG).


I have no clue why this error exists. Your help will be highly appreciated. Cheers.



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  • Misbah
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    There is one simple, small change that you need to make.


    Go to General Lists ->Employees List->Display Name Property (this column is next to the column of Numbered List column) 


    and Pick up the property from the dropdown.