Subsets or Hierarchy lists?


I have 2 master data (size category and size) to design.

I think both Subsets and Hierarchy can meet the needs. But which one is better? 

Please tell if there are differences or impact in later use I haven't been aware of.

I'll greatly appreciate your help!


<data example>

We have size of S, M, L which belong to size category 1

and 22.5 cm, 23.0 cm, 23.5 cm which belong to size category 2.


IF use Subsets, there will be

list 1: size (with 2 subsets)

[name]     [category 1]     [category 2]

S              checked           not checked

M              checked           not checked

L              checked           not checked

22.5         not checked      checked

23.0         not checked      checked

23.5         not checked      checked


IF use Hierarchy, there will be

List 1:size category


category 1

category 2


List 2 :size   

[name]     [parent]

S              size category 1

M              size category 1

L              size category 1

22.5         size category 2

23.0         size category 2

23.5         size category 2




best wishes


Best Answer

  • ArunManickam



    This is a great design question.



    You can create a module with subset elements only.

    For eg, you have a requirement which applies to only Category 1.

    This point should be a driver for you to choose between Subset or Not to subset.

    Your module will contain all the size elements, Category 1 & Category 2
    Subset will occupy its own list spaceNo redundancy in list space





  • @CeciliaRen 


    Essentially Subsets are also the lists and take the same amount of Space.


    Only advantage I can think of going Subset way is that is if you wish to see the aggregation of both the categories you can easily do that by taking the Parent list as a dimension whereas if you create two diff lists it will sparse and laborious.


    Hope that helps


  • @ArunManickam 


    Thank you very much!!

    I'll consider it seriously.