Anaplan HyperModel


Hi All,


If we have multiple workspaces which we want to put in HyperModel and want to allocate the space from some WS to others, then is this possible?    

- Is there any limit on increasing one WS in the Hypermodel?






  • @somain.gupta 


    It was always possible to move some extra GBs from one workspace to another but within the upper limit of 130GB of the target workspace. Now that upper limit has been increased (Number has not officially come out yet but I believe it would be around 700 GB) you can raise a ticket and get it done.


    Long story short - Yes, raise a ticket and they will do it. 



  • Yes, it is possible. You can consolidate the space within your tenant.


    There is a licence for HyperModel, please speak to your Customer success Business Partner, they will help you with details.




  • What's the impact of converting a model to a hypermodel? Is there any performance impact?

  • @Akshit Kumar Gupta 


    No, I don't think so there is any performance impact on the existing models. It is just bigger & better.

  • @Akshit Kumar Gupta 

    I will be releasing some guidance on HyperModel best practices, but the short version is if your model performs well now, it should be OK when scaled - If it's poor now, it is still going to be poor!!


    Generally we expect comparable performance, but some activities will take longer such as model opening, imports/exports as the scale is larger - but for normal calculations, it should be the same


    The advice is make sure the model is well built before scaling - "you don't build more stories on your house, without ensuring the foundations are solid"