Anaplan Connect error return codes


Hi, I'm using Anaplan Connect to automate my Lists and data loading. I have nearly 30+ Anaplan operations that runs everyday and I wanted to know if there is a way anaplan can output a return code for success vs failure

Like The Operation was Successful = 0

The Operation Failed = 1


I have been having these issues where the batch script completes successfully but the operation failes to execute causing me and admins to search logs manually.


My Questions are:

1) Does Anaplan Connect return any success or fauiler codes?

2) If it does what are they? and how do I make retrive it? ( like add @echo %errorlevel% at the end of the script) 


I would really appreciate your reponse.


Best Regards,




  • Hi Azeem,


    We got help of Anaplan partner to create a custom Jython script which gives us below functionality. Let me know if you need more details.


    1) Email trigger if job returns error logs

    2) Storing of Job logs in a windows folder for reference and archiving and purging older logs based on rule set

    3) Storing of Error logs in a windows folder for reference and archiving and purging older logs based on rule set

    4) Backup of older .csv files used in upload with date prefix for future reference

    5) One single batch file to execute all jobs (file uploads, selective deletion, data import, move data from data hub to business model, data export using filters)

    6) We have implemented ALM with a separate DEV and PRD workspace. The above logs are captured separately for DEV and PRD in respective folders.



    Lokesh Nandula



  • Lokesh,


    Appreciate the response.

    How did you guys achive the operation failure status? did you guys actually created a jython script to read the log?




  • The Jython script was created by Quin ( They are Anaplan partners and Quin is an integration specialist and my favourite.


    The script first uploads the required file to the Anaplan server, then it runs a process to load the data into our models. It captures the Exitcode in a run log file which has the process name, then if the exitcode is not equal to 0, then it create a error log with details and triggers an email with error log attachment. All the logs and email will have the process name embedded in it so we can easily fix the issue. 


    I raised RFE for a standard fuctionality which can give us all the above functionalities.



    Lokesh Nandula

  • Hi Lokesh,

    Does it mean you are not using Anaplan connect to do data integration but using another custom Jython script to import/export data from Anaplan. It looks interesting.
    I am having issue with how to handle the error log from Anaplan connect too.