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How can I hide a specific line item/column when exporting? Please see screenshot. Thank you.

2020-08-13 22_02_12-Anaplan - ALO Financial & Operational Reports.png

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  • jasonblinn
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    On the second tab of the export configuration screen, you should see something called "Labels". It will default to showing the "Name" of the dimension, if you want to export your line item instead of the dimension, then you can just click the "x" next to Name and remove that from the export. 



  • Jitendra.Vishnolia

    Hi @DMManalili ,


    If you wish to remove both the columns then hide the line item as sugested by @anirudh  and create a blank property in the list with no data format and use that as a label of your list while exporting. In this way your column 1 will be blank.


    Hope this helps.




  • Right click on the . line item and click on Hide.
    Then hit export

  • @DMManalili 

    Just to add to @anirudh, which will absolutely solve your challenge, you might also consider creating a saved view for sustainability and auditability (PLANS). 

    In case you use a saved view, which I recommend, even for one use (so you have traceability), there is one other thing about "Hide" vs. "Select Items to Show" when using a saved view. When you "hide" and there are subsequent changes to the line items, like adding a new line item, that new line item will be added to your view. If you "select items to show" it remains that way no matter what changes you make to the line items. This is really important for dashboarding.

  • Definitely a better answer than mine 🙂

    I just figured asking them to select the other line items and hit show might be counter intuitive
  • I published in the dashboard showing the line item instead the dimension (which is the same in the line item I created in the first column). This is to present alignment of the accounts properly unlike if the list (dimension) shows a hierarchy and indection (please see previous screenshot). Thank you.

    2020-08-13 22_48_17-Anaplan - ALO Financial & Operational Reports.png

  • @anirudh both are completely fine. In fact (I hate to admit this online) I don't always have time to make a saved view because the "boss" is demanding data right now, I'm tired and in a hurry, or it really is a one time deal and I need it for myself.

    (sigh) I guess that's why I love the Community Site so much. There's really no "right" or "wrong" answer. Just choices - lots of ways to solve problems. And, I nearly always learn something new. Diversity of thought!!

  • @DMManalili 

    I do that a lot too, or I'll create LIS.

    I like your approach because it allows me to click on the 6 pt margin and filter on that dimension if I need it.

  • But how can I export it without showing  both the dimension (first column) and line item (second column)? Even if I created a saved view, still when I export it the columns are showing in the excel file.

    2020-08-13 22_02_12-Anapla.png