User Dimension not Syncing on NUX Board


We are using users as a dimension to define custom Boolean enabled filters. In Classic UX, the user syncs to the user of the model and it all works fine. When publishing the same views to a Board in the NUX, the user does not sync, it remains on the user that the view was on when published regardless if "sync to page" is enabled for the user when published.


Is this a known issue?


  • @CMiddleton 


    Just checked Its working fine. Can you please share a screenshot of what you are seeing.


    You can Keep you Show Users - Off in the module so that you don't see others names in the boolean filters - that might be confusing at times.

  • Was able to fix it by removing an additional list dimension from it that no longer applies in NUX (there was a dashboard refresh button we used in classic UX that was driven off a list).


    User syncs, problem solved!


    Thanks for responding

  • The User List in the Model needs to be set to "off" for the User filters to sync with the New UX.  Otherwise, the user defaults to the user who built the module.


    This change got all of my user filter booleans to work.


    Good luck

  • @hsich1020 

    Could you explain the turning "off" the user list in the model and/or provide a screenshot of this process?



  • Sorry for the delay in my response!


    See attached



  • Thank you this worked!!

  • Trying this fix but is this still a known issue with the NUX? It is VERY frustrating for our end users.