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I am Struggling with the data not auto refreshed in Safety stock exception DB. eg.  If I select FY21 page selector then it is not auto-refreshing the data and even when I refreshed it manually then also I am seeing FY20 data. I have made show selection in my INV02 module for months as in Exercise the required DB was like that, Due to which the TIME Sync option is disabled for auto-refresh functionality to work & if I do show all then data will show having weeks as a column which is not needed. 

SER 00 -  Desired View

SER 01 - My DB settings


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  • Misbah
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    Hey @kunal_311 


    Please don't use Show/Hide, it will disable the synchronization option. Best Practice is to apply the Month only filter from SYS TIME module  and then enable synchronization option on Time


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  • Hi @Misbah 


    Thank you for your guidance. When i applied the filter and sync it with Time then I am not able to extend the view of the Module in the DB. Can you help me how to do that?  or it will remain as it is.




  • I got it. Thank you for the help @Misbah 

  • I was wondering if I can get some assistance please, I am on the first part of 3.4.4 Stock exception and I am confused on how to get the Half Year time period for the UX page. I Believe I need to make a new line item for Half Year and provide a formula so I am able to add that to INV02 Country Summary but not exactly sure.