New UX textbox formats


Hi Community,

wanted to ask if anyone knows if the text card on the new UX has any format restrictions.

When copying and pasting a few lines of text with bullet points, i realised that the text initially appears on the text card, but when i navigate away from it and return to the text card, it was not saved



  • @brian.tan 


    Page needs to be saved before you move away, otherwise you will lose all the changes. There is a Save Button on top right corner of the page.




  • Sorry my bad, it's not a text card, but a field card linking to a text formatted line item.

  • No, In that case it will save automatically. Can you check if there is any dimension attached to it and you are looking at the right intersection.


    Snapshot will be helpful



  • Seems like when there are special characters such as bullet points/indentations it doesn't save.

    Copied this from microsoft word:


    Pasted into the text box:


     Appears to save when i click outside of the textbox.

    However after changing the dimension to Sep 20 and reverting back to Oct 20, the text is no longer there.



  • @brian.tan 

    The same thing happensa to me. The text-formatted line item does not support formatting options (bullet points, bold, etc.)

    You can support the request here: