Anaplan Connect Powerpoint Decimal Points

Hi All,


When posting tables from Anaplan to Powerpoint using Anaplan Connect it is ignoring my number formatting entirely.  As you can see in Anaplan they look real nice but when I import the table into Powerpoint it loses the dollar formatting and the decimal point restrictions.  Is there a way to fix this?  I can export it into an excel and then load it but I was hoping to skip that step if possible.



Annotation 2020-08-14 111348.jpg

Annotation 2020-08-14 111539.jpg


  • Hi,


    Are you using the PowerPoint Add-in? If so, is it version 1.5?


    I would recommend using the latest version 1.6 which formats line items in PowerPoint exactly as in Anaplan.


    If you are still facing the issue with 1.6, please contact Anaplan Support so we can investigate.


    Thank you.