Level 2 Sprint 3 INV01


I was checking my work in the INV01 module of sprint 3 and my beginning inventory value does not match for the month.  It looks like the example is using closing balance as the time summary method but shouldn't it be beginning balance?  The example shows the beginning balance for week 4 when I believe it should be week 1.  You can achieve this by using the opening balance summary method. 

Am I wrong?





  • Hello @elyse.masterson 

    I believe you are correct. It is clear that opening Balance is the right Time summary for the Beginning Inventory when we look at the monthly values. See screenshot


    You can leave it as Beginning Balance Elyse and continue with the training.



    It seems like one of these small things that need review in the material @ChrisMullen 


    Also, Chris while we are on the topic, I believe the screen for checking the INV01 Line Items formulas and Summary Method section needs review too. The summary method for beginning Inventory seems to be SUM