Level 1 Cert Exam - Data02 SKU Volumes


I am struggling with the data pull from Data02 SKU Volumes to Rev Volume inputs. I was using a LOOKUP formula. Am I on the right track and are there any common mistakes on this step.


  • Hello @JimMcL 

    Is this question related to the certification exam? (judging from your post title).
    If so, we can't really answer, but if not please share with me the activity/step in the training material that you are having troubles with and I'm happy to help you.

  • In the step where I am supposed to pull the volume data from Data02 SKU Volumes to Rev02. I have tried multiple LOOKUP formulas which have not worked. I initially thought it might be a simple reference but swithced to a LOOKUP formula. The formula listed below in one of the ones that have failed.I believe the syntax is correct. I understand you cannot give an answer, just looking for guidance.


    'Data02 SKU Volumes'.Volumes[SUM: 'SYS04 Location Details'.Code]

  • HI @JimMcL 

    When do we generally need to use LOOKUP and SUM

    We need to do so when we are trying to read data from a source module to a target module where the dimensions don't match.

    When the dimensions of both modules match then no need for a LOOKUP or a SUM


    You say "I initially thought it might be a simple reference but swithced to a LOOKUP formula."


    Can you tell me why you thought it wouldn't work? Did you get any error? 


  • I tried using the following formula to get the data from Data02 SKU Volumes to Rev02. To be more specific n the formula bar for Rev02 on the line item volumes I had the following formula:


    'Data02 SKU Volumes'.Volumes


    I did not get an error just no data.



  • Hello @JimMcL 


    No data as in blank or zeros?

    1. Follow what @JaredDolich said. He is way more generous than me in giving directions.
    2. Check the Summary method of the Volume Line Item in the target module.
    3. Ensure that you actually have data in the source module

    Let us know and probably provide screenshots of the blueprints.

    Good Luck


  • I'm also struggling to import the data - sku+volumes.csv into my DATA02 SKU Volumes module. I keep getting this error


    it may something wrong with my date structureit may something wrong with my date structureimporting volumes_sku.png

  • wadetse

    How can I solve this issue?


    Invalid formula for 'REV02 Volume Inputs'.Volumes: Automatic sum of 'DATA02 SKU Volumes'.Volumes over P3 SKU hierarchy is not possible as P3 SKU does not have a built-in top level
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  • Hello wadetse


    Unfortunately we can't help answer exam questions. As a general reminder, when you get a formula error, Anaplan will provide you will details on what might have gone wrong. 


    I would go back and review the information in your model that is relevant to the error below in red.


    Invalid formula for 'REV02 Volume Inputs'.Volumes: Automatic sum of 'DATA02 SKU Volumes'.Volumes over P3 SKU hierarchy is not possible as P3 SKU does not have a built-in top level

  • Hi @JaredDolich,


    Everything imported correctly, I've confirmed my dimensions match, and the REV02 module shows the same data as DATA02...until I add the formula ('DATA02 SKU Volumes'.Volumes ).  When I add this, it goes to 0.  I am not sure what I am missing or need to further check?  




  • @stephaniejlw 

    Sounds like you're really close. Here's some quick observations but hard to say for sure.

    • You shouldn't be importing to REV02 so when you say they match, I assume you did it as a test.
    • REV02 should have P2,G3 and Month.
    • DAT02 should have P3, G3 and Month
    • The reason why REV02 formula works without using SUM is because P3 belongs to P2 (child/parent). Anaplan already knows the relationship.
    • Reimport to DAT02 if necessary
    • When you look at values from REV02, start by looking at the highest P2 and G3 level. If it's still zero make sure the "SUM" summary is on the line item.

    If all these things check out then you should be getting values to show up! You got this.

  • Hi @JaredDolich 


    Thanks for your help.  I confirmed the detail above.  When I use the dropdown, it looks like my locations are not mapping correctly (attached).  I am stuck and still unsure of what I am missing?

  • @stephaniejlw 

    Yep. Good catch. Your product hierarchy needs to be cleaned up. Your SKUs are not related to the products (P2). You have two options. Remove the orphaned SKUs by deleting them, or start over and reload the product hierarchy. If you start over you will need to reload all your modules that use product attributes and transactions. Sorry, probably not what you wanted to see. Somehow your product hierarchy didn't get built correctly. Always build it from TOP to BOTTOM. P1 first, then P2, then P3.