Unable to Change the Summary of Line Item from Sum to Formula: Time, Sum



I'm getting an error when changing a line item's summary  from "Sum to Formula: Time, Sum":


"Invalid combination for line item 'Sales' of summary method 'Formula' with formula using LOOKUP and/or SUM (or other summary function)"


The formula of the line item does indeed have a Sum function, and I'm getting it from another module which has a "Formula: Time, Sum" summary. I would like to be able to get the same amount as that module summed by industry for example: 


SourceModule.Sales[SUM: Industry] 


But because they have the different summary, I'm not able to get the same results. 


Thanks in advance for any input you can give.









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  • jspascual
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    Hi everyone,


    Thanks for your responses.


    I was able to use a property on the list I want to get the values from using a Sum function, without the need for changing the formula summary. 






  • @jspascual 


    Is there a Lookup or Select statement in your Target line item?  If so, Anaplan won’t allow you to change the summary settings to from Sum to Formula.


    Post a snapshot that will help


  • Hi Jonathan,

    This is one of my pet peeves with Anaplan. There is no way to apply a SUM or LOOKUP on the parent list items through a child line item formula summary

    You will have to create separate modules for each parent list and display them separately. So in your case, keep the summary as Sum in your current line item. Create a module for each parent level. Then simply refer to the current line item for each parent module

    Hope that helps

  • Hi @jspascual 


    What others said about using the summary Formula with line items that have SUM or LOOKUP in the formula is not allowed by Anaplan. 
    I am a bit confused though if you are reading the value of the line item in question from a different Line item, then why do you need to sum by a formula?

    Maybe as @Misbah said, it'll be clearer if you provide a screenshot or more details.

  • Hi @jspascual 

    I'm glad you found a solution. Just a word of advice; you should avoid using list properties and instead use system modules to hold the properties for the list.
    There are a few instances where one has to use list properties such as with numbered lists or dependant list... however, for best practice we don't rely on list properties.