Several modules in 1 dashboard but presentation issue when exported

Before anaplan, i have this excel which contains 1 tab where all the financial statements are reflected with consistent time period. When developed in anaplan the 3 financial statements were developed in separate modules and were just combined into 1 dashboard in the model. 


Now the expectation when exported to excel is to export at once all the 3 modules in that dashboard to an excel and the 3 modules presented in just a tab or sheet in the excel. How can i do this?


I need the excel in the analysis thats why replicating the manual excel ( before anaplan) to the output excel from anaplan model. This is an end user requirement 





  • Hello @FayePrima18 


    Anaplan exports each grid separately to excel. If you want to export something that looks like the Dashboard then you can do so by exporting the Dashboard as a PDF.


    I don't even think you can accomplish this using Excel Ad-in since it allows you to connect to one module/saved view at a time.


    I am sure the customer may have a reason to request analyzing and manipulating the data outside of Anaplan in Excel. But have you tried to accomplish what the customer is looking for in Anaplan?