Utilizing the Anaplan Academy to Support Your Journey


businesswoman-working-at-home-using-laptop-studying-business-picture-id695137542 (1).jpgAs the days get shorter and schools are back in session, it’s a great opportunity to further invest in yourself and explore the offerings in the Anaplan Academy. Between the certifications, exams, and individual offerings, the Anaplan Academy has been a valuable resource to augment my growth as an Anaplan consultant.

For many Anaplan users, the Anaplan Academy is the start of their journey in the Anaplan environment. There is no better place to begin than Level 1 and Level 2 Model Building. This training provides users a foundational understanding of the software and its capabilities. Because the Connected Planning industry is still nascent, experienced enterprise software professionals won’t immediately know where Anaplan fits in their planning process from sales and marketing materials alone. But after going through Level 1 and Level 2 training, customers will have a better understanding of the areas in which Anaplan can add value to their process.

After building a strong foundational knowledge of Anaplan, the next area to explore is the multitude of on-demand courses offered in the Academy. These courses are short lessons with a narrow focus on specific Anaplan topics such as advanced functionality, dashboard design, and UX features. New courses are added regularly to this section, and in an industry as dynamic as enterprise software, remaining current on the latest offerings is critical for success. The on-demand courses have proven to be valuable for those looking to further develop their Anaplan capabilities.

More From Academy:

As members of the Anaplan community advance in their Anaplan journey, they should leverage the versatility of the Anaplan Academy to supplement their growth. This growth journey will vary between customers, reps, and Anaplan partners. For customers, the next step might entail on-demand courses to enhance their technical understanding of the tool or Community resources around building a Center of Excellence. Sales reps naturally benefit from the marketing lessons, but also could enhance their understanding of the platform through more technical modules. Partners, meanwhile, would benefit not only from the technical materials, but also from the project management, industry, and sales training found in the Anaplan Essentials section of the Anaplan Academy.

From the Anaplan Partners training, found in the “Anaplan Essentials” section of the Anaplan Academy.From the Anaplan Partners training, found in the “Anaplan Essentials” section of the Anaplan Academy.After spending a few years in the partner environment, I’ve found the Anaplan Partners training lessons by David Tharp to be amongst the most valuable in the offerings. This 20-minute course walks through the partner-centric business model and the role of the partner in the Anaplan environment. What I found most interesting was the dynamics of the Customer-Vendor-Partner relationship. This course clearly delineates how although all three parties share a common goal, each organization has different incentives and therefore plays different roles during the implementation. These courses have made me a more informed consultant and member of the Anaplan community and are a testament to the value of the Anaplan Academy.

Whether you are brand new to Anaplan or a seasoned Master Anaplanner, there is always something new to learn in the Academy. If you’ve completed most of the lessons, consider re-visiting modules or notes from previous courses; much like reading a book for the second time, a new perspective can yield different takeaways.

As we enter the fall season and normally return to school, consider exploring what the Anaplan Academy has to offer.

Evan.pngEvan Kramer is an associate in the Anaplan practice at Spaulding Ridge. His implementation work has covered FP&A and SPM use cases in the healthcare, high tech, and B2B distribution industries. For more information, visit http://www.spauldingridge.com or contact us at info@spauldingridge.com.