Level 2 - Sprint 1 - Missing Continue Buttons


I have just started Level 2 - Sprint 1.  It appears that there are currently no "Continue" buttons.  (I have gone back and checked the Introduction section and that has the same issue.)

If I go to the next section ("1.1.4 Delete from List Using Selection"), there is currently no material, just a blank screen with the heading and a statement "Review this micro-lesson to learn about deleting items from very large lists.".  Is this a known issue?


  • Kudos to the developers - this issue is now resolved

  • I have been facing the same issue, since long. Even not able to view the micro lesson because of the blank screen.

  • @Namanmarkan- is your issue in this same module?  If so, you should now find it fixed.  If not, have you reported the issue to Support?

  • Please have a look at this, its been a long time since the same issue persists. I am not able to view the content, it only shows a blank screen.