Dynamic List filter not syncing on Pages


Dear Community, 

I try to make something work in a Page on the New UX : 

I have the following : 

- An input module "Forecast collection" dimensioned by Time / Version / Entity / Cost Center and Project for users ton enter amounts

- An Input module identifying which CC can access to which Projects to input costs on it "Cost Centers eligible projects"

- A module by Cost Center holding a boolean to allow input by users to be either on a "Not Applicable" Projet (if False) or detailed by project (if True) : "Detail by project ?"

- A Filter module by Project and Cost Center that calculates a boolean : If "Detailed by project ?" = TRUE Then, "Show Detailed Projects ?" = True (depending on another "Cost Centers eligible projects") for all ELSE the boolean is true only for one "Not Applicable projet"


Now it works fine with classic UX, but I cannot seem to make it work with new UX ?


I tried to set up a Filter but It is not working as it requires that I fix the filter condition on a specific Cost Center with the "Contexte selector" while the Filter is designed to be dynamic depending on the Cost Center choice.


--> Is it a known limitation and then I will revert back to classic UI for the time being or is there something I need to do in order to make it work ?