Inventory plan in weeks - can I add more weeks?

Hi there!

In my demand planning model I've got the intake plan in weeks that is currently showing weeks from week 31 to week 3/2021. Can I somehow let Anaplan show more weeks than until week 3/2021? I'm a beginner and I don't have a lot of experience with Anaplan yet. I took this model over and unfortunately I don't understand all the formulas behind the model yet. Any advice or help will be much appreciated. I've attached 2 print screens, Thanks a bunch!






  • Hi Tomek,

    This is not a simple change unfortunately. What you need to do here is change the time settings to allow an additional year; Settings -> Time -> Change Number of future years to current value + 1

    Now adding further weeks in itself is very easy, but before making the change you would have to check a few things. At the bare minimum consider the impact on the following
    1. Model size will be impacted
    2. All dashboards with weeks visible anywhere (page selectors, grid columns/rows, export actions) will show the additional weeks
    3. Impact on calculations in other modules using time ranges and/or consequently impact on other modules not using time ranges if the module in your screenshot is using the time range
    4. User filters and the time filter module (if any)

    Let me know if you need more help


  • @tompoloz ,


    Before you start adding more years to the overall model, I see the filter is checked.  Can you please open the filter and look at the Time tab and see if it is using a filter?  It could be as easy as changing a formula in a Time Filter module to include more weeks.