Level 3 Sprint 3 DAT04 Import issues


Hello I'm having issues importing data into the the DAT04 module form the spoke model (Data Hub).

I raised a question about a similar issue i was having in Sprint 2 and got it to work but now I'm having the same issues for the second import at the start of Sprint 3!

Can anyone confirm where I'm going wrong?... 





  • Hello @DanJS92 

    Congratulations on finishing Sprints 1 and 2. As you may know, Level 3 is a bit different from Levels 1 and 2 and requires that we try and solve issues on our own, or at least ask about a general concept, process or function.

    I'd hate for anyone to be penalized for violating the rules clearly listed at the beginning of the L3 training.

    I'm sure we all would be happy to help you answer general technical questions.


    Good Luck

  • Sorry this is for Level '2' Sprint 3 not level 3 - That was a typo!