Level 2 Sprint 4 Conclusion - Importing DEM04 to DAT02


Hi Team,

I am facing difficulty while importing DEM04 saved view demand data in SC into DAT02 volumes data in FPA. I am not getting data in SKU, LOCATION  CODE as can be seen in the IMPORT01 file.

Also, my Demand numbers are coming up as weird numbers. Is that because I choose SUM as a summary method in "Demand"? 

DEM04 - Directly reference the final forecast line item in DEM03.




  • Hi @Kunal 


    If I remember correctly, the training stresses the point that when we are exporting data we really don't need to export the aggregated values because these are "calculated" values. Anaplan will reaggregate the data again when it is imported into the new module.

    For example if I have in the source module the demands for months Jan - Dec as well as for the FY - which is basically a sum of the demand of the 12 months- and I import this data into a target, the target only cares about the "lowest level" items - months in this example- because the target module will aggregate the monthly values to FY itself. The target doesn't expect or require to have aggregated values that it will calculate itself.
    Similar when you import data into a module that has a line item with a formula, The module doesn't expect to receive any "input" for that line item because it can only hold data that Anaplan calculates itself.


    Apply that concept to all dimensions you have and figure out what is the minimum data you need to export from SC to FP&A models to get the results you are seeking. Any additional data you export is just a burden that negatively affects performance and is not needed.

    Hint: in the original import dialogue of the IMPORT01.jpg screenshot, Scroll down past All Regions and FY20 rows, what do you see?


    I don't understand what you mean by "my Demand numbers are coming up as weird numbers." could you please explain or give an example?


    Let's fix your export view and I believe other issues will become clearer.

  • Hi @einas.ibrahim 


    Ohh yes, I forgot to choose the lowest level for each dimension, I performed the below-mentioned logic on my dimensions & obtained the "DEM03 data file" as my view. Now while importing I am getting the SKU & LOCATION codes along with demand.

    But With the change in my location Demand data is not changing, Is it because we only considered P3 SKU as my dimension while referencing in DEM04?


    Now I got confused with the same type of issue smithevan18 is also explained in the below link but in his view, he is only getting all SKUs_EN(Nutzo bar_EN) line item for import is that correct or mine with the all SKU of Particular line item(Nutzo Bar). 

    Eg -  If selected Nutzo bar_EN Demand in my case is (8192) but in Evan case, it is (2048). Which one is correct? 


  • Hi @kunal_311 


    can you please elaborate on what you mean by “But With the change in my location Demand data is not changing, Is it because we only considered P3 SKU as my dimension while referencing in DEM04?” Perhaps Give me an example of the issue?



  • Hi @einas.ibrahim 

    1) When I select NY as my page selector My demand data is static for all SKU i.e Nutzo bar_EN (8192) when I change it to Mumbai it still shows me the same results.

    I first got confused with the page selector, but now while thinking about it, the demand I suppose remains to be the same as it is not dependent on the Location. Is my understanding correct?

    2) Rest is my View correct, showing monthly demand for each SKU? 





  • Hello @kunal_311 


    Your observation is very good.

    Yes the Demand of an SKU won't change based on a location in that specific module. Does this mean this is the best way to implement this module? probably not. For the purpose of the exercise, this seems sufficient.


    Perhaps for the sake of not complicating things in the training, The design assumes each SKU is distributed from one location ONLY. For example, Nutzo Bar_EN is distributed from New York and no other location. which means to have a module dimensioned by SKU and Location is redundant. Location is considered an attribute.
    If you remove the Location as a dimension from this module, you will still get all the correct information.
    I did write a detailed post about the difference between adding a dimension or using a list formatted line item that addresses this issue. I'll try to find it and add it to this post.

    Regarding your second question if is your view is right, If you are asking about the values of the demand then I don't know. If you are asking because the data doesn't change when you change the location from New York to Mumbai then this is "correct" based on what I said above.

  • Hi @einas.ibrahim ,


    I imported with the said structure I have for DEM04 to DAT02, But there is something not correct:

    1) Instruction is none of the values should be ignored and the error should be 0, but I am getting ignored value & error 0. Refer - After Import SS

    2) Since Values got ignored, I suppose after importing the values are not reflecting in DAT02 when compared to DEM04. Refer - Import Screen SS &  DAT02 After import SS


    What is it I am missing?


  • Hey @kunal_311 

    You should know that whether it is explicitly mentioned or not, you should have no warnings in your imports. or if you do have a warning then you should know why and have a good reason why you would ignore it.


    Having said that, Values that get ignored during an import are usually aggregated values that you need to filter out or list items that don't exist in a list.
    Given that information, look at your file, and find out what data is unnecessary.
    Again, As I said before, follow the training when it directs us to not export aggregated values.