Leve 1 Model Building - Lesson 4


If you incorrectly map an import into Anaplan, is there a way to delete it?  


  • @sshunter77 Yes. There are ways to delete the mapping. 

    If mapping is in a module line item, change the line item format to No Data. It would remove all the associated data. Then change the format back to the one which you want to have the format.




  • Thanks Ashish!  How do you change the line item format to no data?  I'm new to Anaplan so very unfamiliar with it.  I followed the Model 1 instructions exactly and it came back with a parent error and looks like the file attached.  Any idea what I did wrong?


  • @sshunter77 From your screenshot, it looks like the parent is not defined for G1 and G2 List. You need to define a parent to G2 List in the config tab of the G2 List and similarly define Top Level Item to G1.

    This would help in getting rid of the parent error while loading G2 List




  • Perfect! That worked so we are good to go there.  How do you change the line item format to no data?  In the future if I make a mapping mistake, I want to make sure I know how to change it.



  • @sshunter77 Glad to know that the solution worked.


    For Line Item format, Select No Data from Format drop-down of the Line Item to set the format as No Data.



    Ashish Banka

  • Hi Ashish,


    Where is the format drop down located?  When I've selected a list under model settings, is it in Tree View? Grid View?  Properties?  Can you send you a screenshot?


    Thank you for your help!

  • @sshunter77  I meant Line Item in a module. When you create a module, you create Line Items in the modules to store data or information. And you can Format that Line Item. If you have previously stored any data in already existing Line Item and want to get rid of the data, you can change the format of the Line Item from any existing format to "No Data".


    In below screenshot, if there is an existing Line Item "Data" in an existing module "Test" and you want to get rid of the data, you can change the Format of the line item from "Number" to "No Data".


    Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 12.37.00 PM.png

    You can do the same for Properties Item in a List.


    Hope this helps


    Ashish Banka