2.04-04 Nested Views


If possible, nest the dimensions in order of size (largest to smallest)



  • Hi,
    An example here would be appreciated regarding whether we have to keep the larger dimension above or below the smaller dimension.


  • @VaibhavThakral

    The above is talking about the row/column axis, not so much the page axis. Think of it this way, if I have 2 dimensions, one being 1,000 (List A) and the other being 100 members (List B).

    If List B is on the outside (on the row axis), the engine will have to read all 1000 members for every List B member….Conversely, if you have List A on the outside, it is only reading the 100 members for every every List A member, thus less overhead.

  • Thanks for the explanation @rob_marshall. It is helpful.