GENERAL Information of Anapaln is gets displayed in log file after running the batch file


Hi All, 


I'm fetching data into Anaplan model using the BATCH file, which is connecting to Oracle Database and fetches into Anaplan model. And i'm writting the bach execution into a log file i.e; example: Load_Fact_PR.bat > runlog.log.

After the run finishes while looking at the log there is a GENERAL Information of Anaplan is getting stamped. Its not printing this information in other files.
Please can anyone let me know is this GENERAL information of Anaplan is getting printed is because if any WARNING/ERROR code exist in batch file then it will display info ? My log file looks like below:



INFO: GET /1/3/workspaces/xxxxxxxxxxea17abf/models/xxxxxxxxxxx626/imports/112000000225/tasks/xxxxxxxxF0711AF2E062 HTTP/1.1
Aug 17, 2020 3:07:38 PM com.anaplan.client.transport.ApacheHttpProvider checkResponse
INFO: HTTP/1.1 200

The operation was successful.

Options are:

(-h|-help): display this help
(-version): display version information
(-d|-debug): Show more detailed output
(-q|-quiet): Show less detailed output

(-s|-service) <service URI>: API service endpoint (defaults to
(-u|-user) <username>[:<password>]: Anaplan user name + (optional) password
(-c|-certificate) <certificate path>: Path to user certificate used for authentication (an alternative to using a key store)
(-k|-keystore) <keystore path>: Path to local key store containing user certificate(s) for authentication
(-kp|-keystorepass) <keystore password>: Password for the key store (if not provided, password is read from obfuscated file 'C:\anaplan-connect-1-3-3-3-dev\.anaplan\api-client\keystore-access.txt', or prompted for)
(-ka|-keystorealias) <keystore alias>: Alias of the public certificate in the specified key store
(-v|-via) <proxy URI>: use specified proxy
(-vu|-viauser) [<domain>[\<workstation>]\]<username>[:<password>]: use proxy credentials

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(-W|-workspaces): list available workspaces