End User Changing Line Items


Hi, I am seeing an issue where my end users can double click on a line item or list item and edit it. Even in modules where they only have read access. Is there another way to format these where they cannot be edited?




Best Answer

  • nathan_rudman



     List elements and line items are very different we would need clarification on that.


    In case you are speaking of the former, then the ability the edit a list element is not linked to the module but the access rights of the list itself, which can be set in a tab along the modules access (in the "Users": "Roles -> Lists"). Uncheck it and they won't be able to add/delete/modify the list.


  • Is the user a WSA?   What role is the user assigned.  WSA's will be able to edit formula in modules they can see which is controlled by role.   A non WSA will not be able to edit a formula in a module they can see