Data split possibility while loading into Data hub based on region or company code?


Team ,

We have integrated multiple data objects from SAP to anaplan data hub for one region . We have set up filters and parameters in our middleware system(CPI)  to filter data for the region and the data loads into data hub . 

Now in order to integrate the same data objects for another region i would like to use the CPI flows by adding the parameters and filters for the new region. So this means the current CPI flow will have parameters of both the regions.

My question is once all data with multiple region is loading into anaplan , do we have a functionality within anaplan which would load the data into multiple data hub models based on region or company code ?


My goal is to not create the same flow again for another region for another data hub..

Appreciate your inputs.

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  • @Srivaths123 ,


    Yes, you can do that by setting up a view in the data hub and have the other models call that view.  But, I am curious, why have a data hub feeding another data hub?



  • Thanks much .

    The reason is that we dont want to create another duplicate flow for another target data hub. Don't see efficiency there . This will be more efficient to have the split happen in Anaplan that putting the entire new effort at source and middleware.


    Thank you


  • @Srivaths123 ,


    Understood about that piece, but why have an additional data hub?  Why not keep the data in the initial data hub and have views within that data hub feed the spoke model?

  • @Srivaths123 Do you mean... you have region specific data hubs? Is there any specific reason to have region specific data hubs?


    as @rob_marshall mentioned, you can have saved views in data hub based on region specific filters to manage the data.