Integration of Data hub & spoke model


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In an implementation if I have loaded all the master data(assume product list) in the first month and in the next month we have few more products added will we load all the data again in the next month or only load additional items? If we are are only loading additional items how can we update the attributes of old items if any change? If we are loading everything again won't we have a performance issue while we are having high volume of data?


How do we deal the same scenario in case of transactional data?


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    Great Question. It indeed impacts performance if we load the data over and over. We should  not load anything into Anaplan that has not been changed since the last load into Anaplan. Then what do we do in such cases. Here is the answer


    You can do it in multiple ways

    1. From the source system, request IT to only send the updated information, not the full load every time. Additionally, request IT to create a column in the source file with a hardcoded value of “TRUE.” This will tell Anaplan which row is new or has been updated and can be used as a filter for an export. Just know, before the import of the source data gets loaded, make sure the first action within the process clears out the previous true records (set this up via a view using a filter where the view only shows members with a value of true).
    2. Utilize the current period function to only load the current period data. In the SYS Time Filter module, create a line item named Current Period with the formula CURRENTPERIODSTART(). In the export views  into Spoke model from Hub, filter the data on this line item.

    Hope this helps