Warning A page with this name already exists


Using the new UX.  I have a copy of a page named "Color Map - DEV" so I can make changes without breaking the production copy, named "Color Map".  Now I'm ready to move the DEV copy into production.  I rename the one in production to "Color Map - prior prd"...and i try to save a duplicate DEV page to production named "Color Map"...Warning A page with this name already exists

But I don't see a page with the same name.  Help! 

Thanks for your attention to my issue.


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  • Misbah
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    Are you trying to Push the entire app or Update/Create Pages in the existing prod app. I believe it is the latter once. Here is the article, Check out Use Case II 


    Lifecycle Management and the New UX - Anaplan Community


    Go step by step, I don't see you Re-pointing the app or deleting any pages from Prod App before you push updated pages from Dev app to Prod 


    Hope this helps



  • @Misbah I tried to recreate the issue and I didn't have an issue....so your comment about following the steps must have been my issue.  User error.   😉

    Thanks so much for your time and quick response.

    BTW, yes, we did the re-pointing and changing access.