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I see the way to create list items using forms then reusing the create action. But is there also a more intuitive way to remove a list item? Only way I can see is to create a Boolean in the system module that marks for deletion, then run a process (that has the delete action in it). Then add the process to the board or worksheet side bar. Is that the best way?

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  • Misbah
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    As far as I know that is the way you do it as of today. "Create" and "Delete lists using Selection" are the only Other Actions that NUX is handling apart from those rest all actions (Assign, Copy Branch, Delete Branch, Open Dashboard etc) are not handled by NUX. (First three have one thing in common i.e., Numbered list and that might be the issue for Product to make them work in NUX)


  • @Misbah Seems like the only new UX built-in action for numbered list is the create. Delete appears to only be solved by using a delete lists using selection action built in classic, although I can add that action/process to the New UX sidebar (additional insights). Really appreciate your quick response as always @Misbah - be well!

  • @JaredDolich as always it comes down to requirement, i've raised the copy branch being missing with the product team - word is that assign may well be the next one to be developed through as that has more demand.

  • Hi - I've followed these steps as I was also trying to add a delete branches to a Board.  I've set up the process in the model but can't figure how to publish it in the new UX but see from this thread that I should be able to.  Can you tell me how please??!

  • @Sally 


    No, not Delete Branch. It is not available in NUX yet

  • Sorry - that's the wrong terminology because I'm deleting from a list of branches. I'm using the action Delete from List using Selection and have created a process containing this. I want to publish the process that contains my Delete from List using Selection. Is that do-able?
  • @Sally 


    Yes that is getable in NUX

  • Great - can you tell me how or where I can find the information please?
  • @Sally 

    @Misbah is right about New UX not having a native delete form like how you would create a list item.

    Since you want to delete a specific branch you'll need to create line items that calculate which list items should be marked for deletion using a Boolean. That Boolean will serve as your filter for the delete action.

    You can add the Delete action (or process) to your New UX page or Worksheet. Sounds like that's what you're trying to do.


    1. Open your page or worksheet and open the configuration
    2. Add an action card
    3. configure the action by selecting the action you want.

    Open Page and Begin Configuration


    Add an Action Card


    Select the delete action (or process that contains the delete action)


  • Thanks @JaredDolich.  This has worked!  It is exactly what I tried last week but the Delete process I created wasn't available to select from the Card Configuration.  Is there any kind of time delay or was this just a blip?!

  • @Sally 

    Yep. Time delay. I've noticed the same thing sometimes. Right after I create the action or process it won't show up until I completely exit the browser and reload. Other times that's not necessary. I guess the takeaway is that if you build an action or process you can find it in the new UX but you may have to be a little patient. TBH, I haven't tried the new action: Order List yet. I know that's only for workspace administrators but haven't tried to add it to a New UX page yet.