Comparison chart for anaplan connect vs other ETL/integration tools


HI Team,

We have integrated from SAP to Anaplan using CPI (SAP cloud platform ) and and the integration is robust . Also we had explored anaplan connect when we started the project . We have been hearing that some of the functionalities like retry is available in connect .. 

I would like to see a  Comparison chart for anaplan connect vs other ETL/integration tools  if available that would help us evaluate what connect is capable of and what am i missing if i am not using connect to integrate into anaplan.


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  • @Srivaths123 

    To be honest, all the connectors, whether through an ETL tool or through a programming language, are limited by the RESTful API endpoints available from Anaplan. It's possible additional analysis can be done inside CPI, for instance, but it would need to be an independently maintained application and database.The best integration tools give you the basics: IMPORT & UPLOAD, EXPORT & DOWNLOAD, DELETE actions (through a process), and getting useful statistics about the progress, status, or object metadata. Having written that, I would say the BIGGEST difference between AnaplanConnect and other ETL tools is that AnaplanConnect is not graphical. It's a script and a rather difficult one to get used to, IMHO.

    I like your call to action though because it is one that I'm asked frequently by Anaplan customers that are treading into a deeper level with data integration. I usually start them off with AnaplanConnect and Postman (to get the IDs). From there it takes a wild journey. Each customer usually has a preferred ETL tool they use. If I get lucky, they have the built in Anaplan connectors like Informatica, Mulesoft, or Dell Boomi. If the customer is not on the IT team but they have OOP skills, I generally steer them towards Python and/or C#/ 

    Your SAP connector is not familiar to me. Is that something you, or your client built? I would highly suggest you post any limitations of AnaplanConnect to the idea exchange. Maybe we can all learn from the success you have with CPI. What additional functionality do you have? Is it UX friendly?

    Great conversation. I hope we keep this one going!