Level 2 Sprint 3 Combination Chart time sync unavailable


Hi All,

My Combination Chart isn't refreshing when I untick the Planning Period Filter line item in SYS00 Time Settings by Month.

I can't understand why, as the Line Item in my SYS01 Time Settings by Week is updating as expected.

I have retraced my steps, I ensured that all boxes were ticked before I published the chart to the dashboard (as per the instructions). But to no avail.







Can anyone help?



  • @Cwr100 


    Depends how have you published the chart. If you are applying the filters here is a rule which shows how charts need to be published to keep it dynamic


    Planual Explained - Day 30 - Anaplan Community


    Hope this helps



  • Hi Misbah,


    Thanks, that fixed it. I think I had misapplied the instructions in the training by deactivating the filter before publishing the chart, then reactivating the filter. Rather than selecting all possibilities in the filter (but leaving it on), then publishing, then deactivating the necessary months.


    Thanks for the help!



  • @Cwr100 


    Glad that it helped and worked!!