Level 3 Sprint - 7.2 - Where Is the Segment Field Data for Accounts


Dear all,


In Level 3 Sprint 1, 7.2, we are supposed to work on subtotals by Country and Segment.  It looks like there should be account and segment data file that can be loaded to SYS02 Account Details, Segment field.  I looked around in all Sprint 1 of Level 3, but I wasn't able to find it.  Could anyone give me some hint?


Thank you.



  • Hi @yangsmith , 

    Segment field was already populated in my SYS02 Account Details module when I downloaded the model. 



  • Hello JussiLi,


    Thank you for the tip.  I downloaded a new Level 3 Starter model.  It's right there.  I have deleted the Account Detail in the past that's probably how it disappeared.  But this should resolve the issue.  


    Thank you again.