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Hi All,


I have the excel files which has to be uploaded in Anaplan at each quarter levels so we are uploading this file four times in an year, each file contains many columns which are lists in Anaplan. There are about 12 Lists (columns in file) and the each file has nearly 40K records. I have created an Input module with the lowest SKU level list in Applies to. The remaining other lists, I have added as list properties to the SKU level list and referred them in the Input module instead of having all the 12 lists in Applies to, to save model space.
1) Now my 1st question is, how do we design the lists to load it?
2) We have already created and loaded very limited data temporarily and now we would like to load full data into Anaplan, so how do we reduce the size of it?
3) The most important think is there are A & B lists having parents but still we created it as a flat list with List Properties as parent due to few unavoidable requirements. We have another C list created as a composite type. This list is has 4000 list items. In the Calculating module where we have A,B,C lists in Applies to, It is calculating C list items(4K)*A-list items*B-list items


This approach consumes lot of space. Please can you suggest any other Optimal methods.






  • @Rajasekhar 


    To begin with having a file of 40K records is perfectly alright and not that big a deal. But you have to make sure that you are loading just the items in SKU list and create a SYSTEM module to hold its other associated properties instead of loading them as List Properties. Having those properties as text or list - I would definitely go with the list formatted line items.


    1. Now how do you load the other lists? Do some analysis and see if all these list items change over time/frequently, if not you can mark these as non production lists and create it one time upfront and forget about it. If these are supposed to be production lists then yes you have to load all these lists one by one before your upload the file.

    2 Reducing the size - This one is a big topic....but in this case you can keep your summary off for all the line items.Don't make this module multi dimensional module, it should only be dimensioned by SKU list

    3. The question is do you want all these three lists as dimensions. Think about it, if for every A+B+C intersection there be a unique value then I would say you need all the three dimensions and if not then you can probably get rid of B or A because there is a connection between these two already, you won't be having any difficulty to aggregate the data