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I have an import process in my model from module to module. The process is taking about 20 mins to get executed so are there any possible ways which can be used so that the import process time can be reduced.


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  • AWhitworth
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    Are you updating the Subset as part of the import? If you are this can definitely take a long time to process depending on how large the list and model are. Other than that I would suggest trying to slim down your source export view as much as possible to anything that doesn't need to be included in the import. 


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    You need to provide more information so that the community can help. What are the dimensions in your source & target, how many line items are you importing, are the all numbers, how many cells you are updating?, What are the calculations running off from the target module, as you import data, these dependent calculations fire a recalculate in memory.


    In your source module saved view,

    1. Filter only the relevent records, hide the summary rows

    2. Hide the line items which are not used in the process

    3. Map all the rows and columns.






  • Hi Arun,

    Thanks for your response.

    Both the source and the target modules have the same dimensions except the source has one subset of a List and the target has another subset of the same list. To elaborate on this the source has Work In progress list item whereas Target has Final list item. So, the values of one particular line item which are user input in the source are going to the target. There are other 4 line items which are both formula calculated in source as well as target.
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    Can we use some data integration technique here to get the time reduced? Not sure on how import processes time can be reduced using such methods. I'll be really thankful if you could help me understand about this in little detail.
  • If you can get the target subset membership loaded into the source model such that you can define a filter on the view to only include those items, then you will reduce the quantity of data retrieved.