New UX - Worksheet Main Grid Edit Mode Issue


When I start the edit mode in worksheet, I can see the selector setup on the top.


However, once I use the "Select view", no matter change has been made or not. After I click "Next" follow with "Update" to come back to the main screen. The selector setup on the top disappear. I found it is very annoying that I need to firstly publish the worksheet, then go back to edit mode to change the selector setup and re-publish the worksheet again.




Could anyone confirm whether it is a glitch or not?





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  • Ivan_Lo_
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    This issue has been reported to Support team and they have confirmed it is a bug and will work on it.


    @Misbah Thank you for your help.


  • @Ivan_Lo_ 


    I recreated it and I didn't find anything what you described above. Might be one off things. My Context selectors are hanging up there all the time.

  • I have retry it today on Chrome and Firefox web browser.

    It has been tested on two worksheets, one is build a week ago and one is brand new.

    The same issue happen in both web browser, so I think it is not the browser's issue.


    It is noticed the below behaviour:

    In edit mode, go in "Select View". I have swapped the dimension of the view and then click "Next" -> "Update". The Context Selectors do exist. Then, I click "Select View" and no change. Click "Next" -> "Update". The Context Selectors disappear.


    @Misbah Could you help to verify it?



  • @Ivan_Lo_ 


    I followed the steps and I encountered the same issue. Looks like a bug to me. Even when I used preview option it still did not show the context selectors which it definitely should.