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HI All,


I have an action that exports data into a specific format. Is there a way of getting the action to dynamically link to the version selected or do you need to record an action for each version? (also specifically asking for an APP on the UI as that seems to default to the one selected at the time of setting up the action, irrespective of the version selected on the screen"



  • Hi Michael,

    Great question.
    Unfortunately there is no way to name a file being exported out of Anaplan other than the name initially set when creating the action
    The renaming has to be done outside Anaplan


  • HI Anirudh,


    The issue is specific around the version. Lets say I have selected a version called "Latest forecast" when setting up the action and that is the one being exported to excel. On the APP page I want the user to be able to select a different version and then select the export button and select lets sya "Newer Forecast". I know I can get them to manually export but I would want to do that from an action. SO I don't have to ask them to open each sheet before exporting.

  • Oh I think I got you now!


    Here's a similar topic posted last month
    Either mine or @Constantin's solution should work for you