Level 2 Sprint 2 Getting the Action Card to work -


I am trying to add the actions for the Global Demand Assumptions page. I did not have any Apps on the app page. Trying to figure out if there is a permissions issue or not following the right process.


  • @JimMcL 


    Are you building an App Page or My Page? (Analogy: My Page in NUX is Personal Dashboard in Classic). You won't find any action card on My Pages.


    In order to create App Page your Tenant admin has to provide you page builder access so that you can create App Pages. You don't require any access being granted for you to build My Pages.

  • I understand. I have full access to the Anaplan provided application. I was not working in My Pages.

  • Should there be apps available in the apps section of the Anaplan provided Level 2 Supply Chain model.