L2 - Sprint 3 - INV01 Inventory Ordering Volume Module line item formulas




I am not getting the correct results of the below line items, kindly help me to validate the below formulas:


1. Forecast Demand : 'DEM03 Demand Forecast'.Final Forecast

2. Shipping Time Weeks: 'DAT02 Shipping Metrics'.'Shipping Time (Weeks)'[LOOKUP: 'Temp - P2 Product', LOOKUP: Shipping Method]




  • @sharmagh 


    1. Forecast Demand: Why do you think you are not getting the right answer for the Forecast Demand line item? what seems to be the problem? If you are comparing your numbers to someone else please keep in mind that all the input values that is part of the Final Forecast line item - such as override - are the same.

    2. Shipping Time Weeks: 
      • Are you sure that the value you are looking for is in the module you referenced?
      • Compare the dimensions of the source and target modules to include the right mapping in the LOOKUP. your Target module INV01 is dimensioned by SKU, yet you are using a Source module DAT02 that is dimensioned by Product. 
        You are not looking for the shipping time for a Product, you should be looking for shipping time for SKU
      • What is Temp - P2 Product?
  • @einas.ibrahim 

    1. The value which I am getting is 2025 and what is available in "Page Review the INV01 Line Item Formulas and Summary Method settings" is 2048.



    2. Bingo, I was referring the incorrect module - Thanks a lot! 

  • @einas.ibrahim 

    Any update?

  • Hi @sharmagh 

    The value of Forecast Demand in INV01 references Final Forecast in DEM03 which in turn depends on Override, So check that out.
    The 2048 is the number based on the initial data loaded from the files, but if you make any changes to this period then the Forecast Demand will be different.

    In summary, having a different number doesn't mean you have the wrong formula, it is most probably due to changes in input data