Tooltip for Cells


Hi Team,


Is there anyway to create Tooltips for individual cells? I know you can create them for a module but I require more detail 


@Hayk I saw that you requested this in the Idea Exchange & also you mentioned a workaround involving involving a formula which displays in the drill down window....any chance you could explain that a little further 🤞






  • Hello @MarkTurkenburg ,


    Tool tip for each cell, is you need another line item to capture the tool tip information for each cell with same dimension.


    I am intrested to know the use case, why do you need a tool tip for each cell?




  • Hi @ArunManickam 


    The Use Case is that I am required to enter commentary for variances to Budget for specific cells. I'm struggling to come up with a workable solution that doesn't involve sending the budget owner an excel file with the commentary, which is far from ideal