How to retrieve Logged in User into a Module

Dear Community members,
We are facing an issue while trying to retrieve the Logged in User into an Module,
to figure who (User) made the changes to the line items.
There is no built-in-function available in Anaplan to retrieve the Logged in User Name.
My Model contains 2 Lists
User List - 1800 items 
Customer Flat List - 931317 items
Approach Tried :
User Module contains both User List & Customer Flat List (Size 2,494,450,336)
Customer Module contains only Customer Flat List (Size 163,493,959)
I mapped the Username from User Module and imported into Customer Module, by mapping Customer Flat List.
But the problem we are facing is the size of Module increases drastically (2,494,450,336), causing the Anaplan Model to Crash while opening.
I need to retrieve the Logged in User in Customer Module.
Please suggest a solution, considering the size / performance issues.


  • Hello @ahamed_noormohamed ,


    What do you mean by "Logged in user to customer module"


    We cannot get data on who has logged into the model within the model. 




  • Hi Arun,


    Sorry for the confusion.


    If some Business user is logged into the module and changing the line items, then we need to capture the User Id / Timestamp in the module. If someone asks who has made the last update, we should able to figure out.