How can I create a stacked chart in the order I want?



I have a dashboard with 2 charts, as above.

How can I create the stacked chart in the order I want?

Right now "Gap to Plan" and "Gap to Budget" are all at the top, but I want them to be at the bottom. There doesn't seem to be an option to specify this.


Thanks for help!




  • I tried different methods:

    - by alphabet

    - by clicking order

    - by amount


    It doesn't work.

  • Hi Yqian,


    Before you publish the chart, click the versions in sequence you would like to see in the VIEW and then click SHOW.



    Lokesh Nandula 

  • Thanks Lokesh, I tried the sequence, it did not work to change the order of the stacked column. I also tried to move the order of line items in blue print view, and did not work neither.

  • Hi Yqian,


    Above mentioned solutions may work after the release of 2017.3 (scheduled on 24th June) as this includes some enhancement for Bar Chart. However, I am not sure whether the same enhancement is applicable to stacked charts too.



    Sheethal N

  • Thanks everyone, it is now solved!

    Due to Anaplan new release of Jun.24 2017, now the solution is: select the order in the table at first, then the chart published will be based on the order that I choose in the table.

    Thanks again for all the posts that you helped me.