Copy Down/Across


Currently I have transactions which run in Lakhs. I am trying to bring in a comment again every transaction by copying down but Anaplan has a limitation saying that only 10000 rows can be copied at a single time. Even I tried the conventional method Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V but still its the same issue. Is there any workaround this issue?



  • Hello @NilanjanDutta 


    that’s correct. Copy down/across won’t work for more than 1000 rows (or columns)

    ypu have a few options (Assuming this is a one time thing)


    • If you want to have the same “Comment” in each row, why not include it in the formula? if you want to keep the line item as an “Input” then you can then delete the formula from the line item; the data will remain.
    • Section the data by using a filter that will divide the data to sections (less than 10000) and use the copy down with each filter.
    • If you have the option available to you, create an excel where you can easily copy the desired data in as many rows that you want and import that file.

    I’m actually interested to learn how other community members solve This limitation issue.



  • Hi nildutta,

    What is the reason you need to copy 10k+ members onto clipboard? Consider having an export action instead

  • Hi @einas.ibrahim

    Thanks for great ideas

    So as per the current scenario, the transactions which have a warning, flags out and the user have to acknowledge the transactions with a comment. Therefore the comments need to be dynamic and not formula driven.

    Import action was one idea which I thinking but that's a bit cumbersome process. I think this is the only option left right now.