Error message when trying to complete Level 1 MB lesson 6.8.3



Hi Team, I get the above error message "Code' is not a valid name, 

'Code' clashes with 'CODE' which is reserved for system use" when trying to complete tasks in lesson 6.8.3. Please can you guide me on how to correct this.
Also, when the exercise mentions the dimension to add, I am confused on when to add it to rows or columns - to me the instructions are not clear on this - or more likely, I have a gap in my learning. Thank you.



  • Hi @SilviaDF,

    some of the names are reserved for system use like Code, Version, so you cannot call your lists or properties using these names. That is one thing.


    However, what I can see from you screenshot is that you are trying to add the elements into the list, not as line items.


    To add line items, first you need to go blueprint mode, and add the line items in there. 




    I do not think it is relevant if you show it in rows or columns, this is only depending on how you want to present your data. 

  • Thank you so much for your help!