Dependent dropdown using flat list




Is it possible to do dependent dropdown using  2 flat list.

Eg. I have one flat list for levels (l1 to l5) and one flat list of exhaustive list items of l1 to l5. Now I want to do dependent drop down based on the first flat list which is levels list that if I select L1 then I am able to see L1 items in the drop down. May I know is it feasible in Anaplan. Please help me with the solution.






  • @Pankhuri ,


    Put a property on the "exhaustive" list named L1 that is list formatted to L1 and use this for your pick list.


    Hope this helps,



  • @Pankhuri 


    As @rob_marshall mentioned it is only about creating the mapping. Here are the steps that need to be performed.


    Step 1: Create a Property in Exhaustive List. Format it to Flat List and map the items


    Step 2: Create a module and insert two line items. First format it to Flat List and Second Format it to Exhaustive List 

    Step 3: Check the box of Dependent in Second Line item. It should automatically pick the relevant list here, if not pick the lists in the dropdown


    Step 4: Go to grid view of the module and see for yourself if it is working



    Hope that helps