Level 2 Sprint 3: INV01 Module Line Item Formula Details


Dear all, 


on this section is required for those line items:


Confirmed PO Delivery line item

Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt line item


to use the formula OFFSET, but I am not able to manage the proper result using that formula but I was using the formula POST and please refer to the print screen 2020-08-27 17_46_00-Anaplan - Level 2 Supply Chain JAG.png


The tips on the training is to use OFFSET but I am not able to manage it using that formula, it is this correct using POST?


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  • @joseantonio.galindo 


    You are right, POST is the function to use.  But I would say don't jump the guns and don't skip any step. Intention here is to explain to you the difference between POST and OFFSET and if you understood the difference between the two, mission accomplished. You can thank Anaplan Academy for that.