level2 sprint2-DEM03 Default Version Formula


Hi Friends iam doing level2 sprint2 model iam facing difficulty in writing a formula for Default version....can any one guide me






    Ah, yes @KARTHIKNAGURU . You're getting to the heart of L2 now with that formula.

    The basic idea is that you need to take the baseline forecast and apply a growth percentage to it. So the "default forecast" would equal that. The tougher question, the one you may be wondering, is how do you calculate the baseline forecast? A hint: In your SYS01 module you calculated a 1st Forecast Year Boolean. Start with a calculation that uses that Boolean and figure out which periods are historical and which are forecasts. If it's historical there's nothing you can do to that number since it's elapsed. If it's a forecast, can you think of a function that will let you look back in time for the same period? That will set your base forecast to be used in your "default forecast" line item.

  • Yeah thank you fixed the problem and got solution...