Production List Node selection


Hi All,


I have 2 Module,


One used Level 1 hierarchy(as dimension) and 2nd one uses (L2 hierarchy as dimension).


In second Module Line item, I want to pick value from Module 1 line item but from a specific member.


As my Lists are Production enabled , I can't use select function or Item() in this case.

Is there a way to achieve this.






  • @MadhabikaM 


    1. Create a dimensionless module and insert one line item. 
    2. Format the line item to list ->List 1. Pick the list item member in this line item
    3. In Your Module 2 use LOOKUP instead of SELECT on line item you just created in Step 2


    Hope this helps


  • In addition to this, make sure to check this as a post production cutover activity as well, as the module data for it would not necessarily be migrated.  But extra check to confirm this is populated in a post production environment so your formula will work.