Map charts




A certain limitation with the map chart that I'm not able to overcome. I need the map to change dynamically based on a page selector.



Map charts don't load up without line items as the data field but at the same time line items can't be published as page selectors. So I can't change the line items to a list because then the map chart will not work but the page selectors will. And I can't keep the data field as a line item because then I can't publish it as a page selector on the dashboard. 


Is there any way around this?





  • Is there a way you can publish a driver line item (dropdown user-enterred field) which would then filter/modify the line item(s) which is referenced by the map?  You may have already tried this, if not I'm happy to provide more details!


  • anirudh


    Solved the problem by creating a separate list in another module and used the IF formula to populate the list with the respective line item. This seemed to work. Thanks for the help though!